Orientation Week for Freshers

On 28th of June, 2019 our college began with a 5 days orientation program for the fresher’s. The aim of organizing this Orientation Program was to acquaint the new commers (FY students) to the college culture and make them aware about their different types of lessons they will learn in and outside the classrooms at HL. The purpose was also to make them understand their roles and responsibilities in this new phase of life that they are entering into.

  The college had invited Mr. Deepak Pandya, an expert to help the fresher’s start their journey from being GOOD TO GREAT. Mr. Pandya is one of the most cheerful expert and motivational speaker. He not only did try to engage with the students and make them feel comfortable by making them do funny activities but also gave them life lessons which were really important for every student individual. He made sure to make us understand about his jivan mantra: KHUSH RAHO, MAST RAHO.

 For the first two hours of the day, Mr. Pandya would help the HL’ites learn about life and for the other period of time our college faculty, Prof. Bharucha made sure to teach and make students learn about self-empowerment, self-discipline and importance of etiquettes. Learning about ethics and empowerment is one of the main ingredients that is required to make an HL’ite who can stand out from the crowd with utter confidence.  

    Though the orientation week was held to motivate and make the new HL’ites learn about life and ethics but it also helped the organizing committee (the seniors) to work in team with coordination and cooperation. It also taught them the importance of time management, commitment, team spirit and many more life skills which are very essential for every individual in life.

The orientation week was handled and managed by the SY and TY students of the college with the guidance of Professor Parag Shah.

Start Time

12:30 pm


Finish Time

4:00 pm



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