Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

Name of the Club: Mitra

Professor in-charge: Prof. H. R. Bharucha

Collaboration (If Any): Saath Foundation, Astitva Foundation & Global Befriendrs Group

No. of Students benefited / participated: 600

Speaker: Dr. Darshana Thakkar, Ms. Nishmin Marshal, Mrs. Anju Sheth

A mime was presented before the students to highlight the value of life and how hope can bring one out of despair. This symbolic representation by actors of Astitva Group successfully passed on the message of Hope among students and the whole act was such that it pulled at the heartstrings of the entire audience comprising 600 students and about 50 guests who represented Saath Foundation.

Start Time

2:00 pm


Finish Time

3:30 pm



HL Plaza

Event Participants